Checklist For Your Roof Inspection

Not all people are specialists in construction and architecture, but if you own a house, you must be at least responsible to avoid serious problems that may be caused by lack of proper maintenance.

As winter is nearing the end, it is good to know that bad weather specific to the cold season often affects the roof. It is a good idea to schedule an inspection in early spring to make sure the roof has no problem and will continue to protect your home properly.

 Use the information below and make a checklist with important things that your roof inspection must include.

Perform a visual inspection. Regardless the materials (fiber cement boards, bituminous shingles, concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, metal shingles etc.), make sure that the roofing elements are still fixed and replace those that have been damaged. Check the chimney, skylights, ventilation holes and attic windows and ensure that everything is sealed properly and flashing is in good condition. If you notice that certain portions of the roof have been deformed, talk to a specialist ASAP, for a correct diagnosis and repair options.

Check the gutters and downspouts. Problems with the drainage system include debris that may create blockages, but also cracks or damaged sections. For roof maintenance and repair, see

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