How To Find A Roof Leak

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It does not matter how small it is, a roof leak must never be left unfixed, because it will only get worse and create a lot of damage in your home (mold growth, reduced indoor comfort, structural damage to the roof etc.). Locating its source should be your top priority, followed immediately by adequate repairs from a company Omaha offers.

Here is what you should to to find a roof leak.

Look for signs

Besides water stains on the ceiling, there are other signs that may indicate a roof leak, even in the days with no rain. If you perceive musty odors in the house or only in certain rooms, unusual spots and

Determine the exact place where water comes in

Locating the leak is not always easy, because sometimes the place where you notice the water is not right below the infiltration point, so you might have to use some methods to locate it. The most popular is to make it rain, using a garden hose. Work methodically:  soak areas of the roof one by one, while someone else stays in the attic, spotting the moment when water starts to leak inside.

Alternatively, you can contact roofing professionals, who use infrared technology to detect water leaks and then also repair them promptly.

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