Safety Tips for Your Roof Repair

Roof Safety TipsRoof repair involves lots of moving at height as well as work done in awkward positions, so if you decide to go up on your roof and repair it yourself, you need to observe many important safety rules – here are some:

  • Wear the right clothes – non-slip work boots, a work overall that protects you against the sun and the wind, safety glasses that protect your eyes from flying objects, a strong helmet to protect your head and strong, but comfortable work gloves to protect your hands are all essential for working safely on the roof;
  • Using safety harnesses – safety harnesses might be uncomfortable, but they are essential for your safety on the roof as the local Omaha roofers know. It is also very important to anchor yourself properly while you are up there;
  • Using the right ladder – extendable metal ladders are best, but a good ladder is not enough – you also need to use it right. Make sure to place your ladder on level ground – if the area around your building is not sufficiently level, you can place a wooden board underneath the ladder. You also need to anchor the ladder properly – the best way is to extend it a little over the edge of the roof and to anchor it to the roof.

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