Tile Roof Maintenance For Winter

Tile Roof Maintenance Tips

In order to fully enjoy the comfort of your home, you must pay special attention to the roof, from the design and construction phase as well as after it is finished. If you want your roof to have a long life span and withstand severe weather, you need to prioritize maintenance, regardless the type of the coating materials. The life of the roof can be prolonged or drastically reduced by your own action, so choose to be proactive and schedule seasonal maintenance operations.

Ceramic tiles have a manufacturer-guaranteed lifetime of up to 50-60 years, but specialists estimate that if this type of roof is properly built and installed, it will protect your house for a century and even longer.

If some ceramic tiles move from their place or get damaged, this problem is visible easily and can be repaired quickly, so that water infiltrations do not cause even greater damage.

Cleaning your tile roof from snow is another important maintenance operation in the cold season. A thick layer of snow is heavier than you may think and you must protect your roof from overloading. Snow and ice formation may also clog the drainage system, so make sure you do not forget about cleaning your gutters and downspouts after a heavy snowfall. For winter roof maintenance, call on
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