Timeline Of Dealing With A Hail Damaged Roof

Timeline For Storm Damage Roof Repair

If a severe hailstorm damaged your roof, you must mot panic, but gather yourself together and react promptly, following the best course of actions.

  1. Inspect the damage and get evidence

Make a visual inspection of the roof and use your phone or photo camera to take pictures or to film the damaged materials. If necessary, use the zoom function, but do not climb the roof unless you have adequate safety equippment.

  1. Contact a roofer for a professional estimate of the damage

Hailstorms typically affect entire areas, so it is common, after such an event, to receive unsollicited visits from so-called roofers who offer you very good prices for repairing your roof. Stay away from them, because there is a good chance that you get conned. Contact a reliable roofer instead and allow specialists to inspect your roof, then ask for a written estimate.

  1. Put together the roof`s documents, the photos and videos you have taken, as well as the estimate of the entire damage and call your insurer to claim compensation.
  2. Go back to your roofer and schedule the repairing process as quickly as possible, to restore the damage and ensure adequate protection to your home


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