Top Areas Roofers Consider During A Roof Inspection

Top Roofing Inspection AreasThe roof inspection is a very important part of regular roofing maintenance as well as of roof repairs. During the inspection, the roofer checks the roof to locate any signs of damage, paying special attention to sensitive areas that include the following:

  • The flashing – the reinforcement sheets installed wherever there is an opening in the roof, such as around the skylights and chimneys or where two roof slopes meet are especially sensitive to water damage, therefore they need to be very carefully inspected and maintained;
  • The gutters – the health of the gutters is essential for the health of the roof. Clogged, cracked, rusty or sagging gutters cannot direct water safely away from the building, therefore your roofer will pay special attention to the gutter pipes as well as to the downspouts;
  • The vents – the intake vents and the ridge vents that ensure the proper ventilation of the roof and of the attic area are also sensitive to clogging and various other forms of damage, therefore they will be meticulously inspected by your roofer;
  • The chimneys – also being elements that are strong, but sensitive to the elements, the chimneys will also be carefully inspected by your roofing contractor.

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