Understanding the Home Storm Damage Claim Process

Get More Out Of Your ClaimFiling an insurance claim for the storm damage sustained by your home and obtaining the compensation that make it possible for you to restore your home to its pre-storm condition is a complex process – here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Documenting the damage – the first thing you need to do when the storm is over is to document the damage. Take pictures and record videos of all the damaged parts and components of your home and make sure that all the photos and videos have accurate time stamps. If you want to make sure that even the tiniest scratch is recorded, call a home repair specialist, such as a roofer to check and record the condition of your roof;
  • Putting together the claim file – find out exactly what you need to include into your claims file and how you can submit it. The information is probably available on your insurer’s website or you can call their helpline and talk to an operator, get it done;
  • Expect your insurer’s damage appraiser – your insurer will send their own expert to evaluate the damage;
  • Be prepared to negotiate – insurers are notoriously tough negotiators, so brace yourself with arguments and be as tough as you can.

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