What Roofing Certifications to Look for When Choosing A Roofer

Roofing CertificationProfessional roofers are not only insured and bonded – they also carry certificates to prove their expertise. Here are some of the documents that professional roofers carry:

  • A state-issued license – roofers undergo extensive training and they need to take difficult exams to receive their certificate. Be careful, you will need a roofer licensed in your own state – each state has its own exam requirements, which also means that certificates issued in one state might not be valid in other states. A roofer who carries such an official licence in your state will surely possess the right type of professional knowledge to handle your roof;
  • Certificates issued by manufacturers – the manufacturers of roofing materials organize workshops and trainings for roofers where they present their new materials and technologies. Many roofing material manufacturers offer warranty on their products only if the materials are handled by roofers who possess the manufacturer’s certificate to prove that the roofer is familiar with specific installation procedures. When choosing the roofer to hire for your roof, make sure to read the warranty conditions attached to your roofing materials – if it requires installation by a roofer who is a member of the manufacturer’s network of professionals, consider only roofers who carry such certificates such as Https://www.candsroofingomaha.com.

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